Soal Ulangan Tengah Semester Genap Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 KTSP

Bahasa Inggris merupakan mata pelajaran yang wajib diajarkan untuk siswa SMP/MTs sederajat. Dan untuk mengetahui apakah siswa sudah memahami pelajaran biasanya diadakan ulangan tengah semester. Kali ini saya bagikan soal sederhana UTS kelas 7 KTSP 2006 berdasarkan buku PR Bahasa Inggris Intan Pariwara yang mencakup pelajaran part of body, pronoun, message, beberapa expression dan vocabularies.

A. Answer these wuestons below by crossing (X) rhe correct answer (A, B, C D)
Picture for questions number 1 into 8!

1. What part of body does number 11 show?
   a. Cheek
   b. Neck
   c. Chin
   d. Hair

2. What part of body does number 9 show?
   a. Leg
   b. Foot
   c. Knee
   d. Ankle

3. What part of body does number 5 show?
   a. Stomatch
   b. Cheek
   c. Chest
   d. Chin

4. What part of body does number 1 show?
   a. Nose
   b. Hair
   c. Eye
   d. Ear

5. What number is mouth?
   a. 1
   b. 2
   c. 3
   d. 4

6. What number is hand?
   a. 8
   b. 7
   c. 6
   d. 5

7. What number is neck?
   a. 10
   b. 11
   c. 12
   d. 13

8. What number is buttock?
   a. 15
   b. 14
   c. 13
   d. 12

9. Clerk : Hello, what can I do for you?
Rika : Yes, .....................................
Clerk : Oh, wait... Here are the color pencils.
   a. Can I help you?
   b. Do you need any help?
   c. Is there anything I can help you?
   d. Would you give me the color pencils please?

10. Rina find .......... lose phone.
   a. She
   b. Her
   c. His
   d. He

11. Shinta : Do you see ........ handphone?
Butet : No, I don’t see your handphone.
   a. I
   b. Me
   c. My
   d. Yours

12. ............... must come at school before 08.00 am.
   a. You
   b. Your
   c. Yours
   d. Yourself

13. Do you know Riko? ............ is a smart student.
   a. They
   b. She
   c. He
   d. I

14. Ucok : Where are Butet and Shinta? Do you see ............
Jojo : No, I don’t see them.
   a. They
   b. Them
   c. Their
   d. Theirs

Text for number 15 to 18!

Vinda, I think I’ll be late. I have a (15) ______________. Would you please wait a (16) ______________? I’ll see you later.
3:25 p.m
From: Nico

15. a.  Forget
        b. Flat tire
        c. Material
        d. Won

16.   a. Congrats
        b.  Art Project
c. Moment
d. Proud

17. Why does Nico think he will come late?
   a. He has a flat tire
   b. He gets headache
   c. He goes to market first
   d. He has to do something 

18. What does Nico ask to Vinda?
   a. She text him back
   b. She calls him back
   c. She takes him away
   d. She waits for a moment

Text for number 19 to 23!

Vinda, Your mother told me that your team (19) __________ the National Choir Contest. (20) ___________ dear! I’m (21) __________ of you.
4:10 p.m
From : Aunt Lena

19. a.  Forget
b. Flat tire
c. Material
d. Won

20.   a. Congrats
b.  Art Project
c. Moment
d. Proud

21. a. Congrats
b.  Art Project
c. Moment
d. Proud

22. What is the message about?
   a. Congratulations
   b. Advertisement
   c. Invitation
   d. Caution

23. Who told Aunt Lena about the news?
   a. Vinda’s brother
   b. Vinda’s mother
   c. Vinda’s father
   d. Vinda’s sister

24. Sinta : What do you think of my hat?
      Jojo : .......................................
   a. I did
   b. Oh, certainly
   c. Yes of course
   d. I think it’s nice

25. Reva : ..................................
      Boy : In my view, your bag is good.
   a. Would you please give me the bag?
   b. What is your view about my bag?
   c. Do you need a bag?
   d. How did it happen?

26. Justin   : Do you like listen to jazz music?
      Bieber  : ................................. It’s boring for me.
   a. Sure. Here you are.
   b. I think it’s nice.
   c. I don’t like it.
   d. I did.

Text for question number 27 to 28!
Juna  : I saw you in Samudera Mall last night. 
  Who was the guy with you?
Asti  : You must be wrong. I didn't go anywhere 
  last night.
Juna  : I can't be Wrong. You wore a blue 
  patterned blouse and blue jeans. The boy 
  wore a gray jacket and black trousers.
Asti : Wait. . . Wait. You must be dreaming
  about me.
Juna  : What do you mean?
Asti : I think you are wrong. When you saw the
  girl, you thought she was me. In fact, she 
  wasn't me.
Juna  : Ah, you!

27. According to the dialog, Whom did Juna see last night?
   a. Asti and her brother.
   b. Somebody else
   c. Asti and a boy
   d. Nobody.

28. Asti says, "In fact, she wasn't me."
Who does the word 'She' refer to?
   a. The girl with blue patterned blouse and blue jeans.
   b. Asti who wore a blue shirt and black trousers.
   c. The girl with gray jacket and black trousers.
   d. Asti.

Text for questions number 29 to 30!
Shop assistant : Good afternoon. Can I help you?
Bram          : Yes, please. I need a pack of loose leaf, 
              a pack of envelopes and a board
Shop assistant : For the envelopes, is it the big, medium 
              or small sized?
Bram           : The medium sized, please.
Shop assistant : For the board marker, what color 
              would you like?
Bram           : Black, please. 
Shop assistant : Here you are. Please pay at the Cashier.
Bram           : Thank you.

29. Where do you think the dialog takes place? 
   a. At School. 
   b. At a market.
   c. In a fashion shop.
   d. At a stationery shop. 

30. Bram says, "I need a pack of loose leaf, a pack of 
envelopes and . . . ." What does he express? 
   a. He asks for help.
   b. He asks for things. 
   c. He needs a suggestion.
   d. He asks for information.

 B. Match these words below with their meanings!

1. Friendly
2. Lazy
3. Smart
4. Shy
5. Honest
6. Rude
7. Strong
(.......) Malas
(.......) Kuat
(.......) Pintar
(.......) Jujur
(.......) Bersahabat
11. Pepper
12. Sugar
13. Salt
14. Garlic
15. Onion
16. Cinnamon
17. Candlenut
(.......) Bawang Merah
(.......) Kemiri
(.......) Garam
(.......) Merica
(.......) Kayu Manis

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